魔方公寓 3.0升级改造 - 北京三元桥
Mofang 3.0 Apartment in Beijing Sanyuanqiao



Location and surroundings

The 3.0 upgrade and renovation of Mofang apartment in Beijing Sanyuanqiao project is located in the CBD commercial core area of the eastern third ring of Chaoyang District, where the regional traffic is very mature and the surrounding areas are densely covered with top 500 enterprise office buildings. The project is a function upgrade and space renovation of the residential apartment by Mofang Group. 。


Material & Color

魔方3.0公区形象提升项目提出基于暖橙、绿灰两个色系衍生出的两套配色方案, 用千禧一代人群的敏感色系提升品牌辨识度。

Option 1 年度流行趋势色调:牛油果色、浅橙果色;

“avocado  | 青森绿系牛油果色有着初秋的静谧, 和温柔的浅橙色进行配比,营造置身夏季果园的喜悦感。

Option 1 Annual trend tones: avocado, light orange;

The avocado | Qingsen Green Series avocado has a quiet early autumn color, which is matched with a gentle light orange color to create a sense of joy in summer orchards.

Option 2 生活场景化色调:轻熟粉色、中性蓝灰色;

“blue grey |岚山初霁” 橡皮粉是轻熟女系的代言色, 与蓝灰色的中性糅合, 像平静生活中的街头小景观。



Option 2 Pantone of living scene: color in pink, neutral blue-grey;

"Bluegrey | Lanshanchu" pink is the representative color of the female, which blends with the blue-gray neutral, like a small street landscape in quiet life.

Two sets of design schemes are also located in Beijing and Shanghai. The branding of the new space will apply the design style of 3.0 apartments, and incorporates the key design elements of young people. The highlights of space are functional and fashionable.

Open space will apply movable furnitures to divide the space. The decorative materials are mainly terrazzo, metal, self-leveling cement and original oak, which keeps the space be simple and clean, and the glass curtain wall ensures that the space has natural lighting; and creates leisurely functional space and metropolitan size and a vivid scene of life.

自定义多元空间 Define by myself  


LOD对原有空间进行系统的优化,使用功能模块化组合,创建可移动格局,并加入了例如乐玩室、艺术坊等主题的功能区域。空间改造过程中移除部分隔墙、建筑开窗, 调整优化空间功能流线。

功能空间规划 :专注于用分时使用状态增进空间的使用参与感,模糊功能界限;为了在有限的功能空间中组合更多休息和分享交流模块,整个空间被置入了一系列组合性元素,通过功能墙,品牌主题的材质、纹样及壁纸在空间设计中的应用,增强品牌空间辨识度及空间氛围的一致性。




小型公共社交空间需要从空间功能上相互渗透,彼此关联,形成灵动而又严谨的对话。首先在接待与咖啡分享在空间相互连接;天花上的彩色灯罩在空间在形态上相互呼应。空间功能相互连通,同时具有一组进行多种组合的可移动模块家具满足空间完成路演、聚会、小型讨论不同模式的变身, 在形态上与空间动线上也巧妙地相互结合。

Define by myself custom multidimensional space

Social activities are more introverted, functional services are more externalized, and social space of residential apartments will be built into a successful, functional and quality multi-site.

LOD optimizes the original space systematically, uses modular combinations to create mobile patterns, and adds functional areas such as playrooms, art galleries and other topics. In the process of space renovation, some partitions are removed, windows are opened, and streamlines of space function are adjusted and optimized.

Functional Space Planning: Focus on using time-sharing state to enhance the use of space participation and blur functional boundaries; In order to combine more rest and sharing communication modules in limited functional space, the whole space is embedded with a series of combinatorial elements, through the functional wall, the material, pattern and wallpaper of brand theme are in space. The application of the design enhances the brand space identification and the consistency of the space atmosphere.

Through the use of modular combination, create a mobile pattern to present the design concept as a whole, enhance the comfort and convenience of space, but also to meet the needs of the corresponding population for living, life and leisure.

Based on the customers'experience of brand and the characteristics of the household population, this paper puts forward a spatial renovation scheme with the current popular trend of avocado (dark green and light orange) as the theme.

The sharing model of Internet: Self-service water bar redefines its form and function, opens up with 24-hour supermarket without sale and small topic exchange exhibition mode; in order to encourage communication and interaction in public space, MIMIMI leisure box and Social bar are embedded in the space. Reception bar has been reconstructed into a new form, shifting the focus from waiting for reception to coffee social mode, and being compatible with different themes and activities. The single pattern of rigidity has been broken, replaced by multi-level lighting, punched metal aluminium sheet shape, and different vertical point lighting lamps. The area has been redefined and the whole space has been refreshed.

Small public spaces need to infiltrate and correlate with each other in terms of spatial functions to form a flexible and rigorous dialogue. First, the reception and coffee sharing are connected in space; the color lampshades on the ceiling echo each other in space. Spatial functions are interconnected, while a group of movable modular furniture with multiple combinations can meet the needs of space to complete road shows, gatherings, small discussions of different modes of transformation, and also skillfully integrate with the spatial movement line in form.



北京三元桥项目原建筑为居民楼,层高较矮,空间条件不好,所以在空间规划上,首要保证空间的视觉开放性,通过固定家具和活动家具的穿插与组合,形成一个开放的、多变的、自由的交互空间。空间注重动静分区,保留部分原有功能模块,营造用户舒适体验的流线。用金属网隔开的小小思想空间,既满足了用户的隐私性,又很好的节约了不必要的空间浪费,实现了“小空间面积,多维度功能‘’魔方多变空间 。

Interior Design Concept

"Looking at the life in the space, we can't stick to the fixed pattern. We need to let the space learn to dance."

The original building of Beijing Sanyuanqiao project is residential building, with short stories and poor space conditions. Therefore, in space planning, the first thing is to ensure the visual openness of space. Through the interpolation and combination of fixed furniture and movable furniture, an open, changeable and free interactive space is formed. Space pays attention to dynamic and static zoning, retains some of the original functional modules, and creates a streamline for users'comfortable experience. The small thought space separated by metal mesh not only satisfies the user's privacy, but also saves unnecessary space waste. It realizes "small space area, multi-dimensional function" magic cube changeable space.